Dr. Vivek Narayan, MD MSCE is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Medical Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center. His clinical and research interests are specifically focused on the care of patients with advanced prostate cancer and kidney cancer.  He serves as principal investigator on several therapeutic oncology clinical trials, including multiple investigator-initiated studies of novel immunotherapeutics. He additionally seeks to improve survivorship care for patients with cancer, including the evaluation and management of cardiac toxicities of cancer therapies for prostate and kidney cancers. Dr. Narayan’s early career achievements have been nationally recognized, with selection as the 2018 AUA Urology Care Foundation Outstanding Graduate Scholar Award, as well as a recipient of the 2018 Prostate Cancer Foundation Young Investigator Award. He has received research funding from the American Cancer Society, American Urological Association, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Vivek Narayan

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Topic: What Limits the Efficacy of CAR T Cells?