Dr. Mateo is a physician-scientist and Medical Oncologist and is the team leader for the newly established Prostate Cancer Translational Research Group at the Vall d´Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) in Spain.

Dr. Mateo’s main research interest is the development of new, less toxic and more effective compounds to treat patients with advanced prostate cancer. His research commitment is towards developing precision medicine strategies for prostate cancer patients through molecular and functional stratification of prostate cancer. His group aims to integrate clinical trials and biomarker studies towards a more precise care for prostate cancer patients. Using drug development expertise, and the skills in molecular characterization of cancer using next-generation sequencing and protein-based assays acquired in the laboratory, Dr Mateo is working to develop precision medicine strategies for prostate cancer, focusing in targeting DNA repair deficiencies and their interplay with AR signaling, as well as in the study tumor evolution as driver of treatment resistances.

Joaquin Mateo

Val d’Hebron, Barcelona

Topic: Targeting Homologous Recombination Repair Deficiency