Prof. Andrea Alimonti, head of the Molecular Oncology at the Institute of Oncology Research is a full professor at the University of the Italian-Switzerland, at the University of Padova and at ETH Zurich, and an ERC and J. Steiner Cancer Research awarded clinical research scientist.

Prof. Alimonti received his MD degree from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and his medical and training in oncology from the National Cancer Institute of Rome. Prof. Alimonti completed a postdoctoral fellowship in cancer biology in the laboratory of PP Pandolfi first at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and then at Harvard Medical School in Boston. In 2010 he joined the Institute of Research in Oncology, in Switzerland as head of the molecular oncology group. Prof. Alimonti has won several prestigious awards and grants such as the Swiss Bridge Award, the J Steiner Cancer Research Award, the EMBO YIP and the European Research Council (ERC) starting and consolidator grants. He is the author of many clinical and basic research publications in major scientific journals.

Andrea Alimonti

Institute of Oncology Research, Bellinzona

Topic: Role of Microbiome in Treatment Resistance